Love Status for Whatsapp

1) Do mathematics. Me+You’re loving.
2) You are in my life what I need.
3) You’re just my love memory.
4) I love things you’re happy with.
5) Love has no age and no death.
6) I pink promise that I will always love you. (Whatsapp’s Love Status)
7) Love is not madness, it is not love.
8) You are My Life’s Light. I’m in love with you.
9) Love when you’re ready, you’re not solitary.
10) Good things are better with you in life.
11) You are the man of all my quotes of love.
12) It’s because of you if I know what love is.
13) Love is love, it can’t be explained.
14) I’ll still be happy with you even on bad days.
15) You’re the perfect Sexy & Cute combination.
16) Love if you’re ready, not if you’re lonely.
17) Everyone has an addiction, mine just happens to you.
18) Love + Confidence + Loyalty= Unbreakable Relationship
19) When I look in your eyes, I tend to think.
20) Love is everything, love is something new, love is everything, love is you.
21) Don’t tell them if you really love them. Show it to you.
22) By chance, we false in love. We’re staying by choice in love.
23) I would find you sooner if I had my life to love again.
24) I love you more than I have ever found a way of telling you.
25) You’re my best sleeping reason. I love Babu for you.
26) I’m not a fighter in love, but I’m fighting for what I love.
27) If I find reason to live, love is. You are that reason.
28) True loves will never die. It’s just getting stronger with time.
29) When I see you, you have no idea how fast my heart beats.
30) You mean nothing to me. 31) You are my strength, but to love you is my greatest weakness.
32) You’re giving me a kind of feeling, people are writing novels.
33) Each and every time you are the first and last thing on your mind.
34) Love is just a word until it is given a meaning by somebody. (Whatsapp Love Status)
35) If you smile, I like it. But when I am the reason, I love it.
36) If it is necessary to explain what is the meaning of trust.
37) You’re a lifetime. You’re the only thing that’s going to hurt you.
38) Hundred Hearts Too Too Too To Carry My Love To You.
39) No matter how sad you may be, believe that good fortune is waiting.
40) You’re all of My. All the other things are just….. all the other things.
41) Yeah, I’m selfish because with Anyone Else I will never share you.
42) When you look at her, the best thing is that she’s already starring.
43) I see you when I close my eyes. I Miss You when I open my eyes. (Love Status for Whatsapp)
44) The Love Of My Life & Y Truest Friend has been found in You.
45) I’m not my love with you, but I’m always going to stay around you.
46) Love is game-like. Some people preferring to play it fair are cheating.
47) I fell in love without using your hands with the way you touched me.
48) I love it Then you smile and look away when I catch you looking at me.
49) My love with you is not complete. Help me complete my love.
50) I know that I’m not your first love, but I hope I’m going to be the last.
51) I love you not only because of what you are but because of what I am when I am with you.
52) Temporary love is attraction, but love is the permanent attraction.
53) I love this story of ours. Sure, it’s messy, but here it’s the story that gave us.
54) Love Is Wi-Fi Life, you can’t see it, but you know when it’s lost.
55) Missing someone is the way to remember your heart that you love them.
56) True Love Is Star Fallen…. We don’t know when and where it’s going to happen.
57) It’s perfect every day of my life because it starts and ends with loving you.
58) Technically I’m Single By My Heart I can’t call my own by somebody.
59) If we really fell out of love, we can’t fall in love for the second time. (Status of love for him)

60) I know that I’m cheesy, but it’s true that I’ll never find you.

61) You just do when you love somebody. There’s No But’S, No Perhaps ‘S & No Why’S.

62) I am nothing without you, I am something with you. We’re all together.

63) Doesn’t love make the world go. Love Is What’s Worthy of the Ride.

64) The Mere Silence Of Love, Has The Power To Drown Out The Chaos of All Of Life.

65) I just want you to be happy, even if that happiness is not the reason behind it.

66) One day, they realize that they lost a diamond while playing with Worthless Stones.

67) You are a life of my own. You’re hoping for me. You’re an inspiration for me. You are all my own.

68) You’ll never know how amazing you can be if you’re always trying to be normal.

69) Love is an odd thing. It can make the weakest person weak and strongest.

70) It’s nice to call Me Cure. Calling me hot is great but it’s all I want to call me yours.

71) Once, I don’t have to try to be happy because it’s just happening when I’m with you.

72) No matter how much you’re trying, there’s no love to resist. If it is to happen, it is to happen.

73) I’d like running away from you, but if you haven’t come and find me………. I’d die.

74) Take the Word for millions of people. But with One & You, Mine is Completed.

75) I think we’re just going to have to be in love with each other secretly and leave it at that.

76) Most people have a harder time to let them love themselves than to find someone to love them.

77) Love means that you are exposed to the pain of being hurt, deeply hurt by somebody you trust.

78) It gives you strength to love someone deeply. Being loved by somebody gives you courage profoundly.

79) I want to grow old with you and be able to tell you that I’ve lived an incredible life with you.

80) Surely they will hurt more than you deserve when you love someone more than they deserve.

81) I’d like you. Everything about you. Your shortcomings. Your errors. Your shortcomings. I want you and you alone.

82) You are my best friend, my daily life and my other half. You mean to me the world and I love you.

83) If I had to live again in my life. Next time I’d be able to find you sooner I’d be able to lengthen it.

84) A Little Jealousy In A Relationship Is Good, Its Nice To Know Someone Is Fearful Of Losing You.

85) Fallen In Love Is Only Half Of What I Want. Staring In Love With You Till Forever Is The Other.

86) You’re My Best Friend, My Dairy and My Other Half. You mean the world to me and I love you.

87) I love how you still smile for me even when you are tired or unhappy. That’s what I refer to as true love.

88) No matter where I am or what I am doing, a smile always comes on my face when you come to mind.

89) Missing You Is My Hobby, Caring You Is My Job, Making You Happy Is My Duty & Loving You Is My Life.

90) Missing You Is My Hobby, Caring You Is My Job, Making You Happy Is My Duty.

91) Thinking Of You Keeps Me Awake, Dreaming Of You Keeps Me Alive With You. Love you. Love you.

92) One day you meet someone who does not take care of your past because they want to be with you in the future.

93) Love On Another, But Make Not A Bond Of Love: Let It Be Rather A Moving Sea Between Your Souls Shores.

94) Remember that when the sun is bright, anyone can love you. Where you learn who really cares for you in The Storms Is Where You.

95) There are so many things you don’t know about me, but I surely hope you know one thing, how much I love you.

96) He’s Annoying, He’s Hilarious, He’s Making Me Yell, He’s Driving Me Crazy, He’s All I Want.

97) Love Is Great & Possible, Always, But Very Rare To Have The Feeling That “I Want to Forever Be With That Person. ”

98) I choose You and I choose You, Over and Over and Over. Without Pause, In A Heartbeat Without Doubt. I’ll keep you selected.

99) I love random people to smile. Some of the back of the smile. Some of them are actually creeping out, but that’s making it worth it.

100) Everyone says you fall in love once, but that’s not true, because I fall in love all over again every time I see you. (Cute status of love)






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