100+ Attitude Status for Whatsapp in English


1) Waiting for network Wi-Fi.

2) I’m sorry but never forgotten.

3) Maybe I’m wrong. But I’m doubtful.

4) No one is moving. I’m just losing my mind.

5) With a cool attitude, I am Hot Dude.

6) We can’t pretend to be sorry vegetarians.

7) But don’t follow your heart; be foolish.

8) My attitude is based on the manner in which you treat me.

9) I am not perfect, but I am limited.

10) I’m cool but I’m hot with global warming.

11) Stop my status checking! Go and have a life!

12) I do not belong to Nerd. I’m just more intelligent than you.

13) If I change, I’m sorry, but you changed too much.

14) I am the One I am. There’s no need for your approval.

15) I’m not a special one, I’m a limited edition.

16) Your silence is the best answer for a fool.

17) I’m me and I’m not going to change myself.

18) Don’t take as a sign of weakness my kindness.

19) Excellence is not a competence. It’s a stance.

20) All that kills me makes me feel alive.

21) My fault, I’m sorry. I’ve forgotten that you are an idiot.

22) I am a poor man. In the classroom, I can’t pay attention.

23) Make sure you’re perfect before you judge me.

24) You may have hurt me but mine may have killed you.

25) Yeah you, the One who reads my status, get lost!

26) Don’t copy my stance because it’s my stance.

27) I am the best when I am good, I am the worst when I am bad.

28) Hurt me with the truth, but with the lie, never comfort me.

29) The greatest slap is your success to your enemies.

30) You’re telling me to dream too big. I’m saying you’re thinking a little.

31) Don;t show me how you can handle mine.

32) I have no bad handwriting, I have my own handwriting.

33) My attitude will always be based on how you treat me.

34) I will never insult people.

35) Depending on who I am with, my level of maturity changes.

36) Attitude Is A Little Thing Making a Big Difference.

37) I’m permitting myself to be confident in everything I do.

38) Style is a reflection of your personality and attitude.

40) I can win and lose, but I’m never going to be defeated.

41) I’m the worst if you think I’m wrong than you’re wrong.

42) I know I’m awesome, so I’m not taking care of your opinion.

43) I don’t need to explain myself, for I know that I am right.

44) People will listen to your words, but they will feel your attitude.

45) My “Last Seen At” Check Your “Last Seen At.”

46) The best way for an enemy to be destroyed is to make him a friend.

47) Me And My Wife Live Happily For 25 Years And Then We Met…

48) I want Google In My Mind And In My Heart Antivirus.

49) I’m not changed, I just grew up and you’d have to try too much.

50) Fake Have Image To Main People. Real people just take care of themselves.

51) I’m talking to myself about Course, sometimes I need expert advice.

52) It’s too short for life. Don’t Waste It Safely Remove Pen Drive.

53) Exactly what you need, not what you want, will give you life.


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